Kilchoman Am Bùrach Limited Edition 2020 Scotch Single Malt Whisky


Region: Islay (Scotland)

Distillery: Kilchoman

Age: NAS

Abv: 46%

Size: 700 ml

Am Bùrach, gaelic for ‘the mess’, might seem a strange name for a limited edition single malt but happens to be delicious consequence of an incident in 2014 where two different Kilchoman expressions were mistakenly combined whilst vatting casks - Machir Bay (a core expression from Kilchoman) and Port Matured Kilchoman causing Islay Heads, General Manager, to describe the resulting whisky as ‘Am Bùrach’. The name stuck. A vatting of bourbon and sherry matured Kilchoman combined with port cask matured in 2014, the whisky was then filled back in bourbon barrels for a further six years ahead a six month finish in ruby port casks. Regardless of how Am Bùrach came to be, its depth of character sets it apart, rich, fruity and sweet on the nose, it coats the palate with red fruits, creamy sweetness and herbaceous peat smoke on the palate before a long finish of dried fruit and citrus sweetness. Not to be missed with just 10,550 bottles.

AmBùrach,〝混亂局面’〞的蓋爾語,這款威士忌包括了波本桶,雪莉桶,砵酒桶的混合,而且陳釀了6年。令到他的味道特徵都與眾不同︰濃郁,果甜的香氣,味道上有紅色水果,奶油味和草本泥炭煙燻味道,然後再散發出長長的乾果味 和柑橘甜味。 全球限量10,550瓶。