Kagamizu Ginger Japanese Shochu


Region: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

Distillery: Ochiai Shuzojyo

Age: NAS

Abv: 25%

Size: 500 ml

Refreshing ginger develops on the palate, with a tinge of sweetness that comes from the grain-derived ingredients. This is a one-of-a-kind shochu with 20% of the ingredients being fresh ginger. One by one, ingredients are added for preparation: first rice koji, then barley, followed by ginger. The moromi mash undergoes a vacuum distillation process under reduced pressure, stored in stainless steel tanks and bottled at 25% ABV.

Recommended ways to drink as stated on the bottle: Sodawari (with soda): 1 part of Shochu, 2 parts of soda water. Preferably add lemon or citrus fruits. Oyuwari (with hot water): 4 parts of Shochu, 6 parts of hot water. Preferably add an appropriate amount of honey to melt along with hot water.