The HACHI Shochu, Barley (Mugi), Sherry Cask Matured, Batch 1


Region: Japan

Distillery: Miroku Shuzo

Age: 2 Years

ABV: 30%

Size: 720 ml

THE HACHI SHOCHU, Barley (Mugi), Cask Matured is a collaboration with Miroku Shuzo, a family owned craft distillery in Oita, Japan and Hacchan who, somewhere along the way was also exposed to Whisky and the benefits of Cask Maturation. Made from local barley grown in Kitsuki and Usa (both near the distillery in Oita) and single distilled under normal atmospheric pressure (making it a Honkaku Shochu) to retain the flavors of the underlying ingredient, this Batch 1 is matured for about 2 years in ex-Sherry (oloroso) Hogsheads from Andalusia Jerez to add layers of complexity and flavour to the original spirit. Color: Amber Gold Nose: Sweet dark and dried fruits, plums, raisins, almost whisky like, paint and varnish Palate: Sweet, dried fruits, subtle oak which coats the palate nicely. warm spices, sweet ibiligaco with a back end finish of chocolate and peanut butter

Recommended way to drink: Straight Up , On the Rocks or as a Highball (3 parts of sparkling water to 1 part The Hachi Shochu).