Glenfarclas (6 x 30 ml) Single Malt Whisky Tasting Gift Set


Region: Speyside (Scotland)

Distillery: Glenfarclas

Age: Nas, 8y, 12y, 17y, 30y, 40y

ABV: 60%, 60%, 43%, 43% 43%, 46%

Size: 30 ml x 6

This Glenfarclas Set showcases the tasting experience of different aging bottling from the Glenfarclas Distilleries. This pack includes the following bottlings (further details are available upon clicking the link for each bottle)

Glen Farclas 105 

Glen Farclas 105 8 Year Old - A special release of the Glenfarclas 105 with 8 year maturation for the Taiwanese market.

Glen Farclas 12 Year Old - A core expression of Glenfarclas.

Glen Farclas 17 Year Old 

Glen Farclas 30 Year Old 

Glen Farclas 40 Year Old 

Please note that these sample shared bottles have been prepared by the Mizunara Team. Please see the additional images for the Gift Box.