Balvenie 2002 First Batch Peat Week 14 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Region: Speyside (Scotland)

Distillery: Balvenie

Age: 14 Years

ABV: 48.3%

Size: 700 ml

This Single Malt from Balvenie has been distilled in 2002 from the first batch of heavily peated malt to be made at the distillery in more than 50 years. It has been subsequently matured in American Oak Casks for 14 years delivering a smoky version of the characteristic sweet honeyed Balvenie whisky. Only 3000 bottles were released.

Since 2002, Balvenie dedicates one week (called the Peat Week) each year to produce a heavily peated whisky, distinctively different than the current characteristic Balvenie style and perhaps similar to that of 50 years ago.

Color: Light golden straw Nose: Gentle sweet smoke with some light floral notes and delicate butterscotch honey Palate: Velvety and rounded with peat smoke balancing out the citrus flavours, oaky vanilla and blossom honey Finish: Lingering gentle smoke with a creamy vanilla sweetness.

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