Award Winning Sweet Potato Japanese Shochu Set


Region: Japan

Distillery: Okubo Shuzo

Age: NAS

Abv: 25%,17%, 25%

Size: 720 ml x 3

Ookubo: In the past, original Kagoshima Shochu used to be made from Kikoji (yellow koji). Continuing the age old tradition, this Shochu is also made from special yello koji giving a rich yet subtle character with an initial sweetness and a complex finish. Mori No Yousei Limited 17%Limited edition bottling for Hong Kong. Given the lower ABV, this is meant to consumed similar to white wine after being chilled. The 25% version of this Shochu has been awarded various IWSC awards. Samurai No Mon: Crisp and dry with a beautiful mouthfeel, combining the sweetness from sweet potato and the floral softness from the Kome (rice).