Ardbeg Auriverdes Feis Ile 2014 Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Barcode: 5010494917499


Region: Islay (Scotland)

Distillery: Ardbeg

Age: NAS (Estimated about 12 Years)

ABV: 49.9%

Size: 700 ml

A 2002 Vintage Single Malt Whisky from Ardbeg matured in American Oak Casks and released for Feis Ile 2014.  About 66,600 bottles were released. The name Auriverdes captures the imagery of the gold (auri) and green livery of Ardbeg's bottlings (verde) apart from being  the colours of the Brazilian flag, home of the 2014 World Cup (Soccer). Color: Gold Nose: Tarry and herbal notes with hint of mocha Palate: Some ground coffee, smoked root vegetables combined with maple cured bacon and hot smoked salmon Finish: Lingering smoky vanilla (Tasting Notes from Distillery). Rated 85+ on Whiskybase across about 975+ votes.

Please note the NO BOX is available.