Umeshu Shochu Little Kiss

$39.16 USD

Region: Japan

Distillery: Higashi Shuzo

Age: NA

ABV: 14%

Size: 720 ml

A perfect blend of Umeshu (Oshuku-ume), 10 years aged Rice Shochu and Higashi Shuzo's “Kanjuku Umeshu”. The “Blend of Umeshu” - The base Umeshu is made from Oshuku-ume (from Tokunoshima prefecture) and has a sour taste and light sweetness. A second Umeshu “Kanjuku Umeshu” made with Satsumasaigo-ume (from Kagoshima prefecture) is then added.  Rice Shochu, matured in the cask for more than 10 years is then blended with the Umeshu blends. The aged Rice Shochu brings through the character from the cask and has flavours /taste similar to whisky.  Delicate, with a moderately sour and refreshing sweetness and a mellow scent of plums.  It has a rich Ume aroma, character of cask and a lingering finish.