Mizunara Private Cask & Kilchoman Whisky Sampling Gift Box Set (30 ml x 6)


Region: Islay, Islands, Highlands (Scotland)

Distillery: Kilchoman, Arran, Ardmore

Age: Various

ABV: Various

Size: 30 ml x 6

A set of 6 x 30 ml samples for an evening of variety and comparisons across distilleries and cask finishes. This set includes the following Whiskies (Ardmore TamashiiKilchoman 100% IslayKilchoman LochgormKilchoman Vintage 2010Kilchoman STR Cask, Arran 15Y). Full bottles available at the links of each bottle as well. Email us for more details. Please note that these sample shared bottles have been prepared by the Mizunara Team.