SET of The HACHI Shochu IMO Virgin Oak, MUGI Sherry Cask and KOKUTO American White Oak


Region: Japan

Distillery: Ookubo Shuzo, Miroku Shuzo, Yayoi Shochu Brewery

Age: 2 -5 Years

ABV: 30% / 30% / 30%

Size: 720 ml x 3

An fantastic combination of the award winning THE HACHI SHOCHU - three different key igredients matured in 3 different types of casks. The set showcases the impact of cask maturation on the underlying Japanese Shochu. Each of the Shochu has been made from different ingredients and single distilled making them a Honkaku Shochu. You may find additional information on the individual bottles by clicking on the link below.

Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato in Virgin American Oak)

Kokuto Shochu (Brown Sugar in Refill American Oak)

Mugi Shochu (Barley in Oloroso Sherry Cask).