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Bowmore is Islay’s oldest distillery, and home to the world’s oldest whisky maturation warehouse, the No. 1 Vaults. It’s in this legendary warehouse that Bowmore whisky has been meticulously matured by master distillers for nearly 240 years. 

The first recorded mention of Bowmore Distillery dates from 1779, and Bowmore’s founder, the merchant David Simpson, bought the land in 1766. There is no clear history to what happened in the years in between.

Working with the finest quality oak casks, and a tradition that’s been passed down through generations, Bowmore's significant percentage of the make is aged in ex-Sherry butts which take them off to the direction of dark fruits, chocolate, coffee, citrus and smoke. A significant percentage of the distillery’s whisky is matured on the island, with the distillery’s No.1 Vaults being held to have the most extraordinary climate. The vault is situated below the level of Loch Indaal and one wall makes up the town’s sea wall which is is seen as ideal for long-term maturation.