1731 Fine & Rare CUBA 5-Year-Old Rum

1731 Fine & Rare CUBA 5-Year-Old Rum

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VOL: 700ml        |        ABV: 46% 

1731 Fine & Rare is a unique range of Rum from the Caribbean and South America, each with a distinctive character that speaks volumes about where it comes from. The collection consists exclusively of rum that proudly boasts its natural color and flavor without relying on additives. The 1731 collection consists of 3 unique regional rum blends and 3 unique single origin rums ranging from Central America to the tip of the South American continent.

This 1731 Cuba 5-Year-Old, a Single Origin Rum, has been distilled in traditional Column Stills and matured in ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 5 years. No-sugar added, no-color added, no other additives used thereby reflecting the authentic flavours of Cuba.

Featuring natural sweet notes of candy, caramel, toffee and some cherries, berries with a hint of coconut. Some citrus flavours and spices surface from time to time with a long and very satisfying dry finish. Recommend enjoying this straight up or on the rocks and perhaps with a Cigar!

Of course great in a Cocktail as well.

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1731 Fine & Rare這個品牌,代表著一系列具有獨特性的冧酒,包括來自由中美洲到南美洲大陸地帶的3款來自不同地區的混合冧酒和3款單一產區的冧酒,反映著該區的風味,而且宣稱他們的冧酒是並沒有使用任何添加劑保持自然的顏色和味道。